Fairbanks Alaska!!!

Well, it’s official, we drove to Alaska. Pretty sweet huh?

We camped near Birch Lake yesterday a few hundred feet away from the road. The mosquitoes were all over the place because we were surrounded by trees with zero wind. Once the fire was going and the DEET was sprayed we were a little better. We dined on soup and canned salmon. It was still very bright out when we went to bed, but we slept just fine and got up at 8 this morning.

For our bath this morning, we found a nice lake with a boat ramp that we backed into. The water was really clear for a lake and wasn’t nearly as cold as the streams we have been bathing in recently.

Right before the Alaska border the roads were horrible and we were really hoping the US would be better, and it sure was, fresh asphalt was on the highway and we were happy to be back home. The border was stupidly easy to go through, the guy on patrol looked at our passports, asked what we were doing, made some jokes about it, asked us if we had any Canadians in the trailer, (we didn’t), and then told us to have fun. It was so nice, it took us all of 3 minutes to get back in our home.

Gas is much cheaper now and we pay only around $4 a gallon in Alaska. Stuff at grocery stores is also cheaper, for instance in Canada the little salt and pepper shakers cost $6, and in Alaska it’s only $2.

We got to Fairbanks at 10 this morning and found a Denny’s to eat at, in fact it was the northernmost one in the world. On the menu was this monster burger challenge for $25, you have to eat a three-party burger, a whole bunch of fries, and a milkshake. Lincoln and Brian thought they were hungry enough to take it on in hopes of getting a free meal if they finished. They ate about 2/3’s of it in the alotted half hour, Lincoln felt miserable and Brian enjoyed the milkshake enough to eat his and Lincoln’s.

Today we will spend the day in Fairbanks and then hit the Dalton highway for a little while. Hopefully we will be in Deadhorse sometime tomorrow! We can’t wait to swim in the Arctic. After that we plan on going to some national parks and enjoy the beauty of Alaska.

Now we are at a laundromat taking care of clothes and using the WiFi. Our itinerary today is to find a post office, a grocery store, find some bear spray, and watch The Dark Knight Rises.


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